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I can remove your unsightly tree stumps completely whether they are in the way of your garden, an annoying trip hazard, to prepare for renovation or you would simply like to increase your lawn space. 

My machine is highly manoeuvrable and can get into most spaces and through most gates. Barrier safety screens will be used to prevent the spray of debris to protect nearby windows.

The stump itself will be ground into mulch and is great for your garden!

Tree Trimming or Removal

I offer a tree trimming or removal service and can remove anything from a few annoying branches to a whole tree. This may help to improve your views, modify the amount of light or improve the overall look of or access to your garden.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Regular pruning of your trees and shrubs is recommended to remove dead, damaged or diseased wood and promotes flowering and fruiting. It is also a skill that can be used to improve the overall shape and size of these larger plants.

Storm Clean-up

Those annoying Nor West winds can wreak havoc on your trees, breaking limbs & leaving them hanging dangerously. Worse still a tree may be completely knocked over, leaving it in the most inconvenient spot possible. NO WORRIES!  I can trim or remove damaged or fallen trees to make your area safe & tidy again after a storm.

Garden Waste Removal & Yard Clean Ups

If your garden is completely overgrown and you have no idea where to start, I am here to help.

If you have started work yourself and need help with completing your project and removing the green waste I can take care of this too.

Hedge Trimming

 Big, small, curved, square, buxus, macrocarpa or pittosporum I do it all, be it a maintenance trim, a height reduction or you just want that hedge gone!

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